ESI Institute of Pain Management

ESI Hospital Sealdah premises, 301/3 A P C Road, Kolkata 700009 ESI (MB) Scheme, Department of Labour Government of West Bengal


The dedicated operation theatre is well equipped with Fluroscope, Radiofrequency Generator, Spine Nucleoplasty System, Ozone generator, Nerve Locator, Portable Ultrasonography equipment, Vertebroplasty and BaloonKyphoplasty Systems, Nuroaxial Drug Delivery Systems, Spinal Cord Stimulator etc. Every year more than 800 interventions are done at the operation theatre. The following procedures are mainly conducted.
Trigger point injection, stellate ganglion block, occipital nerve block, cervical epidural, cervical facet joint procedure, intra-articular injection at shoulder & knee joint, intercostals nerve block, thoracic sympathetic block, thoracic epidural, thoracic facet joint block, splanchnic nerve block, celiac plexus block, lumbar sympathetic block, spine nucleoplasty, radiofrequency ablation procedures, facet joint block, ozone nucleolysis, caudal epidural, sacroiliac joint block, hypo gastric plexus block, ganglion impar block, vertebroplasty and other procedures are done at this Institute with our well equipped operation theatre.
Interventions in the Operation Theatre: Mon, Wed, Thursday, Friday.